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Thursday 7th April 2022

As I think of yesterday and the themes, well, it's still repetitive. This entire week has been about the same process which makes it hard not to be. All about staying true to yourself, who you are in this time of change. This is not always fun - I am in an example of that at the moment - But when it finishes, it is worth the cost. For me, it is a change in my housing. For others it will be something else. I am also looking for another bread and butter job to replace my current one. I am still in parts of the holding pattern, but something is lifting. Slowly.

Hearing all of the excellent astrologers I follow on Youtube - Pam Gregory (Be very careful to get her official channel) and Molly McCord, well I see the common theme here too. I call astrology my Spiritual Intelligence report on what's going to manifest. These two ladies are the best at it. They really know what they are talking about and while I can draw up and interpret a chart for myself, they have a completely different insight into things. This is valuable because it can sharpen your thinking and create new insights - So I listen to them for their wisdom. There are links to their work on the Spiritual Weal - Under the April 2022 Focus. Here I have just put up the ones that are directly relevant to the events coming in, but there are so many more insights you can gain from listening to them. They may save you a lot of trouble in working with the energies manifesting now, and well, yes, help you along the way.

Monday 4th April to Wednesday 6th April 2022

Once again, three days with the same themes. The same Runes of the Week themes, the same Gaia Journal themes. They are simple- Ascension. As this ascension manifests the old way of life will never come back - Never. What we knew of as the 3D way of life - Modernisim or Post Modernisim, is going to be swept away. There will still be people operating this way, but they will become increasingly isolated from the whole as they do so.  Over time, this will become more and more obvious.

With a lot more change energy coming through (Two eclipse cycles are currently in force, not just one), and disenfranchised people, it is also going to be interesting. The Libra Full Moon emphasises justice manifest - With well, a far too malleable idea of how this could manifest. As I covered in the Spiritual Weal, Current Trends and Influences for April 2022, well a court of law sees justice different to a suicide bomber, to a right wing truck bomber, to a Trump supporter. To well, someone like Vladimir Putin. This makes the time of the Full Moon a very dangerous time for bad things to happen as much as the good. I have seen some possibilities - Both April/March and October this year are flashpoints for mass casualty events of some kind. Chillingly possible. Like I saw Covid 19 being born at the 2019 Boxing day Solar Eclipse, well yes, I hate being right at times. However, watch these times in crowds. Don't take anything for granted and just stay aware. They are major unstable flashpoints, ready to go off basically at that time, while I can't see exactly what shape it will take, it's not good.

There are also five more flashpoints sparking up from around the Ukraine, one of them big. I am unsure of how they will manifest yet - It is possible either the Ukraine war could spread, or a world wide escalation of tensions could go very, very hot. Almost to flash point. But expect something to happen.

With all of this happening, well what can you do? Live your life, on your path, in a positive a manner as you can. Be aware of the news, be aware of your environment, but don't buy into the negativity. Let it go around you  and do your own thing. Ground yourself on the higher path, and keep working with your path to get you steady and stable. Only through this will you bring in the change in your life and others.

Sunday 3rd April 2022

As I look at the ideas in the Gaia Journal as well as the day that I had that day, it's about choices and if you associate with the old or the new. The old will go, the new will stay. At the moment, this month is a major choice point. A really major one. As I write this the next day this manifested at work, in a job I would like to change for instance. You will see more and more of these as you go along - especially if you are at a crossroads like me. The longer this goes on, the more of these things you will see. As you go along you will find more and more solutions as well as nudges.

But pay attention to all of these, and see them as signs. Good as well as bad. They are showing you your path forward - What you are leaving behind and what you are going forward to. Look at them from a higher level, not at the 3D where at times they can be pretty brutal. Look for why they are there, the greater wisdom, and they will start to make sense, rather than feeling like personal attacks.

Friday 1st April 2022 to Saturday 2nd April 2022

This is being combined because well, it has the same message. It is about how the second gate of a great cycle of change, the Foundation Gate, opened up and what is likely to manifest into the material reality from this. Well, at the moment we are looking at the foundations of massive change in the world in the next twenty years to come, though we don't know the final forms of where, how and why.

What is for sure is the old modern and post modern structures will very much be challenged and scrubbed out - Gotten rid of. This is something that will happen quite comprehenisvley in the next twenty years or so. This is because their energetic foundations, what manifested them, are being wiped out. You may see some of the evidence of this already, but this will increase as new ways of doing things form and take over. We saw some of this with Covid, but it will increase with time and in so many ways drastically accelerate. More and more those reliant on those structures, those attached to them will become increasingly isolated and alone. There will be chaos as these disenfranchised people express themselves, at times perhaps forcefully our violently. This will not be an easy time to live through. This new cold war will no doubt accelerate, as well as so many other things like reactionary politics, home grown terrorism etc... Among other signs of this chaos. Some may connect to the new, others will not and stay in this old unsupported pattern and cause a lot of angst and trouble.

There is hope, however. This is in switching off from this, as best as you can. Follow reputable astrologers and look at how you can  work through the energies coming in the best way possible for you. Also look at the clues and cues in your world - They will be vital as you go along. Think of how to connect more to the greater whole in terms of community, world service and other more universal 'Age of Aquarius' Themes. The somewhat outdated phrase 'Brotherhood of Man' comes to mind, in terms of the feel of this energy. If you can connect with this in your physical life you can do a lot for the world.