These two channeled poems are commentaries on the way that we are treating the earth, and our options will affect us in the future. One is called The Nuclear Dragon, on the dangers we invite in with Nuclear Energy, and the other is called The Tricksters curse, on the one we have invited in the west through our lack of awareness in our collective choices . Read them and think about how our choices are affecting us, and how they could affect us worse.

The Nuclear Dragon

The Nuclear Dragon

The promise of clean power

At the expense of future generations

At the expense of our own planet.

The fake promise

Before the nuclear winter.

The fake promise

Of clean power

Before generations of toxic damage

Affecting our children's right

To a clean planet.

Bought into being to test our us all

To test our wisdom

In dealing with natural forces

In making wise decisions when playing with fire.

The test we failed

At Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The test we failed

At Chernobyl

The test we're still failing

At Fukushima.

The test we've failed so many times.

The test we're failing now

At the turn of a new decade

A lesson time and time again

We've failed to learn.

The nuclear dragon

Is our enemy

Not our freind

The tricksters test

That we failed to the cost

The cost of great destruction

The test we're still failing

At the cost of greater destruction.

This is a test

We need to understand

Understand, learn and grow from

As this new decade dawns

A test not to take lightly

We either learn from it

Or go down with it

The Nuclear Dragon

The greatest test of wisdom of our times.

Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Shkall Kre'Mashen Ahh'Hense

The Tricksters Curse

The tricksters curse,

Trump, Morrison and Johnson.

The malicious trio

The monstrous children of the Trickster.

The Tricksters monstrous children,

A lesson failed by the electorate,

Bringing destruction to them and the Earth,

Bringing in our destruction

Though our own actions

Through our unaware actions and choices,

Through our lack of awareness,

Our lack of consciousness of consequences,

Through our collective lack of Wisdom.

Leading us to our destruction,

Through our own choices,

Based not on wisdom,

But on our own self interest.

Not seeing the future,

Blind to the lessons of the past,

Looking at our hip pockets instead,

And out irrational fears,

Blinded by the present,

Our collective fears and phobias.

Trump, Morrison and Johnson,

The monstrous children of the trickster

The tricksters curse in power,

Bringing about world destruction.

A form of destruction,

Bought about by our own choices.

Do we have the wisdom

To change the cycle?

Do we have the awareness

To understand our times?

Do we have the wisdom

To make the right choices?

Do we have the wisdom

To stop this destructive trio,

Our failed collective lesson,

The Tricksters Curse?

Do we have the will to see,

Do we have the will to act?

To see the tricksters curse

For what it is

Saving ourselves

From the curse of the trickster

From the enemy within,

Before they destroy us all?

Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Shkall Kre'Mashen Ahh'Hense