Change and Community

Book Reviews


How to Enable Groups, Communities and Societies to do Things They've Never Done Before
By Les Robinson
Scribe Publications Paperback 2013
ISBN 9781922070265
pp. 245

This is a book that I have a lot of sticky notes in that at some point I will, well, look back at again. Coming from field research into solutions that worked to create change in real life communities, it postulates a road-map that if done right can create long lasting change in communities and societies. Flexible and adaptable to each situation, this road-map is laid out completely in one chapter, then explained in several chapters describing an ingredient each;

  • Ingredient 1 – First, Start a Buzz
  • Ingredient 2 – Offer Hope
  • Ingredient 3 – Create an Enabling Environment
  • Ingredient 4 – Design a Sticky Solution
  • Ingredient 5 – Expanding the Comfort Zone
  • Ingredient 6 – Finding the Right Inviter

It also goes into the background of how and why the author came to this road-map and how they came up with it – looking at what didn't work. This is not about a one size fits all method of promoting change, but an adaptable method that can be used to provide measurable results in most. One day I will get to the sticky notes and record the information I was interested in a codified manner, but for now the sticky notes are in there. Well laid out, well written and mostly general person proof, this is a very good book for anybody to look at trying to change a large mass of people's behavior.

Khel'Shen Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense