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This is is the page for a Weekly blog on the state of our earth manifest today. Look here for a daily post on the state of the Manifest Earth, the body of Gaia.

The March/April Ascension Crisis

A Healing Crisis of the Earth

As I start this second draft detailing the way this current ascension crisis is playing out I get the idea in the Younger Futhark of Kaun, or healing sore. This is the idea that a healing sore or wound can be a lesson, a clearing, a well... Chance to heal on more than one level. This is the time we are in. As the energies detailed in Current State of Affairs on The Spiritual Weal are working through into manifestation, they are bringing up all the old cockroaches out from under the couch as well as the chip packets the kids left. Another interpretation for the next few days is scouring out the pot with baked in food – that circular scrubbing motion with started on the twentieth of March at Midday on the March Equinox and will continue till the twenty ninth or the thirtieth, when the energy goes direct. All of this will manifest in the material in time – It is well and truly at the threshold.

The cycles it is scrubbing out are all of our old 3D patterns which are no longer needed. They are also being dangerously amplified because of the increase in energy, but that is part of a different process. The problems are being amplified as well as the solutions simply because of a large increase in energy. Perhaps the most prominent one finding expression at the moment is a cycle that started in 'Modern' times of dominance and warfare. It started with the Great War in 19th century Europe, continued with WWI and WWII, the first cold war and now the second cold war. The roles are the same, but the players are different. In so many ways you see the echoes of those wars, not the least of which is Russia's role in this conflict – The same role as Germany in WWII. Though I have copped a lot of criticism for saying this, China is playing much the same role as Japan of the expanding emerging power, and America is Great Britain. At the moment America's role is being played by the EU – The neutral power. We shall see how this hots up as India takes her place in this cycle as the emerging power as well, which will make the game really interesting in the next nineteen years as the rest of it plays out.

It is, however, only the most obvious cycle manifesting to be resolved. The energy of polarisation is also intensifying with it to be resolved as well among others. The rise of right wing populism is an emergent theme, as is how unstable and exploitative the world capitalist economy is. It relies on people at the bottom, be they whole countries with cheap labor to low wages at the bottom at home in it's current form – Making it slowly eat itself. When the whole idea was formed by Adam Smith, there needed to be customers, workers and businesses in balance. When you depress wages at the bottom too much, you just don't have the customers and capitalism canibalisies itself as well as the people it uses as fuel. The Nickelback song Feed the Machine comes to mind when I think of this. At some point unless it changes it will collapse. That is a given, as well as an energy being amplified.

At the end of the day, those two are just two examples of the human detritus coming to be resolved. Climate change, gender imbalances across societies, these are all coming to the fore. As they do they are being amplified both by the greater energy around and the need to get attention to them to resolve them. Each person will be differently affected. Each person will be in a different part of this seeing different effects. But the one guarantee is that there will be no 'New Normal' for a long time unless you count conflict and chaos – This is definitely true of the coming months. The best thing we can do is accept this, roll with the punches and not be blind-sided by things coming. Awareness – the heart level higher awareness is perhaps the most important thing to manifest in yourself at this time.

Remember, it is not about you, it is about the whole energy system being cleaned up. We are all caught up in it. If you can remember all of that and can stay focused on the higher expressions of the turmoil – The clearing and solutions aspects – You will come out a lot better. If you focus on the old that is dying you will go down with it. The choice is yours in the next few months.

Energetic Balances and Gaia's Material Self

Energetic Imbalances and how they Manifest.

As any of you who have any skill or experience in energetic work, manifestation or magick work, whatever energy you create manifests, one way or another. It is no different with the energy that our society constantly puts out constantly, mostly negative energy. Like the energy you create knowingly, the energy society puts out without knowing it is manifesting in the world, creating an even greater imbalance than the physical damage to the world that humanity, especially in the western world is responsible for.

This may seem a little esoteric for a page that talks about the practical parts of following a path, but think of this. Day by day humanity put s out a lot of negative energy. Some is deliberate. Wars, ethic cleansing, the blatant nationalism and hatred that's deliberately perpetrated is affecting the global energy field, red spots in the blue when in contact with humanity's heart. In the main energy field it shows as dark spots. What is an even worse problem, though, due to it's widespread nature, is the unconscious energy the mass of humanity puts out. The constant hit parade of the tragedy of the day/week/month on the nightly news. The unconscious negative biases we all carry. The constant trolling, abuse and negativity on social media. While none of us are perfect about this (I am guilty of giving it about Trump and Morrison in a polite a way as possible) there are many that specialise on this on the internet, and yet others who just do it out of unconscious bias. Add the negative energy from talk back radio, casual racism etc... It stacks up. All of this, deliberate and not so deliberate creates negative energy, a big mass of it. You can see it in black in the energy fields of the planet, you can see it as a glowing, angry red area of energy on the soul and heart of the energy, you can feel dead zones in the earth's energy field because of it. Okay, you say, so what? And what does this have to do with our physical climate? Thought this page was about the physical climate?

Well, quite simply, that's where it manifests. All energy has to go somewhere, and as climate is just energy in it's own way, that's where it goes. Adding to the already excess of physical energy in the climate system, it manifests in the climate system as pure energy. This adds to the already badly disrupted climate system and creates more extreme weather events. Floods, droughts, cyclones, bush fire danger weather, especially if you have negative energy areas near you. When you consider that there is already evidence the jet stream is breaking up, that we have record glacier melts and other evidence of really bad disruption this is something that for our own survival as a species we need to take it into account. So, what to do about it, you ask, as an aware follower of a path?

Well, dear reader, you can't do it all. There is an unaware mass of humanity out there that's adding to this negative energy stream, often not even deliberately. The daily news is enough to get a mass lot of it out there every evening at the moment. But there is two things you can do. Control your own negativity is your first one. Cleanse your energy field, react consciously to the news and current affairs. Separate yourself from the negative politics, xenophobia and dog whistling that currently goes around. You can also work on your own to bring a little more balancing positive energy into the earth's energy system, in your own way, or through group meditations and activations. These steps may sound esoteric, but the more positive, supporting energy is out there the more the incoming, constant negativity is neutralised. You can also help by healing some of the physical damage and trauma to the planet and people by giving out positive energy in the form of assistance to people and place. Plant trees, give water to distressed animals, be there for people who need you, family, friend, acquaintance or stranger. Be the change the world needs at this moment, and as more follow the energy balances will improve, thus so will material conditions in terms of climate. Things will change, things will get better as the world's energy shifts towards the future. But right now, the best thing you can do is be aware of your own energy, and contribute to positive energy as well as take individual choices in the material the help the environment, both physically and energetically.

Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Shkall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense

The manifesting spirit of covid 19

First off, before I start I will put up the same disclaimer as the companion article for Current Trends and Influences on the Spiritual Weal for the idiots out there. I am not a doctor. I am not a medical specialist, nor am I a public health expert. I will let them write the health policies in the material world. They are the ones that know what they're doing there, even if our current crop of leaders don't always heed their advice. If they recommend vaccination, then follow their advice according to your own medical risks and conditions. If they say stay at home, stay at home. They are the teachers in their own field, I am in mine of how I see spirit manifesting. I don't confuse this for one moment. More and more I see people in 'Aware' circles questioning this advice, supporting anti-lockdown protesters, being anti vaccine. If medical advice and Lockdowns manifest it is there for a reason, part of the lesson. While those in the human world do make mistakes, those things are not one of them. You will note, as we go along, that indeed, these things that are recommended by public health experts and doctors are actually resonant to the lessons of the spirit. Heed them, please.

This my second attempt to write this article, is about how the spirit of Covid 19 has manifested. In order to fully understand the context of this I recommend that you read the companion article on The Spiritual Weal Page Current Trends and Influences which details what this spirit that is manifesting is (see link below). For those who have not read the article, the broad summary is that the Spirit of Covid 19, born of a critical imbalance pushed into an active healing crisis by the evolution of Gaia, our planet. The collective, as a planet and group of humans combined, got to the point that it could no longer function with the critical imbalance that we as a collective of humans souls created through at least the last fifty years. This spirit, accompanied by fear and panic as a separate spirit, is now on the loose, creating group karma now affecting those least responsible disproportionately.

It found it's chance in the way wet markets bring in the exotic food trade with humans to jump over from animals to humans. This in turn gave it the chance to spread because it was not caught in time. I know there are theories that it was a man made virus – This is not something I see. I see a natural cause – Nature's karmic punishment, so to speak. It then, in line with this hungry spirit piggybacking off humans, took a ride on planes and became a global epidemic. We created the spirit, allowed it to manifest, allowed it to spread by our actions. It had a natural manifestation though. I don't see or feel it coming from a lab. In a way those conspiracy theories are the manifestations of other malicious spirits across the internet, spreading to the real world. In listening to them we're only making things worse. It is true these things manifest and spread through the paths of least resistance in the material world. It is true that we we gave it a free ride in so many ways. The two key parts to the free ride is the way we treat both wild animals with unknown pathogens and the way that our globalised world allowed the disease to spread unhindered at first. But it was not made by anything other than our general actions and incompetence. There is nothing deliberate here, at all.

The first action of ours as a whole that allowed to manifest was our misuse of nature. Habitat loss combined with the bush meat and the exotic meat trades is a growing danger that has manifested among others HIV/AIDS, eubola as well as Covid 19. This is not a new thing, this is a continuation of a trend. Hunting and eating of wild creatures, apart from habitat loss, is the biggest known risk factor in letting unknown pathogens jump into the human world. It is no coincidence that the number of these has increased as we destroy more habitat and the bush meat industry goes deeper and deeper into previously untouched areas. It is the root cause. Both ecologists and public health experts agree, if we don't want to be facing more and more unique 'Disease X' pandemics, we need to keep pristine, wild habitat alone. The more we push into them be that by the exotic/bushfood trade, or by habitat destruction, the more novel diseases we will get. This feedback mechanism alone points to one of the root caused in this manifestation feedback loop – Our imbalance with nature.

The second part of this, of course, is our critically out of balance globalised world and the hubris we have that we are in control of everything. This makes us complacent until disaster strikes, disaster which we like to pretend was 'Unpredictable' or 'Unprecedented' when it was in fact quite a predictable result of our hubris. As much as we may want to pretend, medical science does not have us in a post disease world. There is multi drug resistant TB and Plague out there waiting to find us again. There are many more Disease x's out there waiting for us. Vaccination short circuits many years of getting herd immunity, but it does not stop us from spreading or getting a disease. It just means that our body can fight it. From the hubris in China that face was more important than controlling a novel disease, to the hubris that our modern medical world has conquered disease. To the hubris from the elites and leaders in the human world that money and wealth are more important than people. This has bought us undone along with the root causes of the imbalances it created. Our false belief that we are masters of the world and all creation in it, fostered by christian belief, has meant that we have used and abused our planet and over half the people on it. This manifest behavior has created a mass of unbalancing energy, sitting, collecting, gathering in the energy field of Gaia, the spirit of our planet. This formed a spirit that has now manifested, come full circle because the ecosphere could no longer be maintained with this mass of energy blocking correct function of the energetic systems underpinning the world. By maintianing our hubris in the way we deal with this pandemic, we continue to proliferate one of the root causes.

There were markers for this potential that has manifested all around us, giving us the warning. What I like to call the energetic intelligence report on what we're likely to face and what we have to do about it. There were warnings with the 26th December 2020 solar eclipse that things were very of balance and that 2020 was going to be a year of reckoning. Then there was the three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in that year. It was practically on a tipping point – the December Solstice that year – Indicating there was a great state of change coming. A very rare three Eclipse cycle centered around the June Solstice – Another tipping point that year – Indicated great change. All of these eclipses had charts full of challenging aspect and big planetary energies, none of them showing an easy ride. This was added to by the three Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions, known in Astrology as 'Plague Aspects'. They bring disease, strife and discord. The first was 5th April 2020, just as the first wave of the Covid 19 pandemic was starting to get into full swing. The second was on 30th June 2020, at the time in the Southern Hemisphere winter for the greatest outbreaks, which did indeed occur. The 12th November conjunction also bought with it fresh outbreaks and peaks, this time in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also interesting that Black Lives Matter came in with the 30th June 2020 conjunction and trio of eclipses around the June Solstice, showing that this was indeed a year of reckoning of all of the shadows of our society made manifest. None of what is happening is a co-incidence.

Neither is the emergence of the delta strain, coming from the fresh energy of imbalance from the mishandling of the pandemic, our desire to go back to the 'Normal' that created it. It is no co-incidence that the original Alpha strain, for lack of a better term, was replaced at around June/July this year, 2021, and is that much worse, coming at a time we're trying to ignore the lessons a go back to normal. The normal that created the imbalance feedback loop. As the pandemic hits those who did least to cause it and causes mass suffering, the imbalance feedback loop is getting worse, not better. Until we heed the lessons it will not go away. We will not defeat it until we starve the imbalance fueling it. Showing this is that while we have a more balancing out set of eclipses around the equinoxes, or balance points this year, we have three Saturn-Uranus squares in February, June and December. This is showing that with the Delta strain this tension between the old that needs to go and the new coming in. Saturn is the old, restrictive karma we're still carrying as baggage, in tension with Uranus which is the new. This energy, holding for two years, shows that this will not go away. Uranus – The new, will eventually win being the further out, therefore the strongest energy. But Saturn, the Karma, the restriction will not go away without a fight. It is in embracing the new, learning the lessons of this continuing healing crisis we will help ease this, not in anything else.

So, for the hope. How do we defeat it? Well, by heeding the lessons and starving the imbalance that created this of energy. Without this we will be in a vaccine and drug arms race with this Covid 19 spirit we can't win no matter how much hubris we have. We will just stand still in this place of constant tension, a mix of the 'New Normal' whatever that means and restrictions as outbreaks occur. While there is more on the exact spiritual lessons in the companion article in current trends and influences, it is as simple as looking what has worked to keep people safe and starve the virus in the dreaded lockdowns. Traveling less, buying less, recognising that cleaners, delivery drivers etc... are more valuable than CEO's and valuing them more correspondingly. Going back to the local community, valuing the simple pleasures. In this the lessons mirror the public health advice through the pandemic exactly. While PPE disposal (Especially littering of disposable masks by the general public) has become a major concern, the world in lockdown has created that much less greenhouse gasses, that much less pollution.

We have had to learn new values, face shortages, see what we truly value. What is truly valuable versus what we don't actually need. These are the lessons that we need to embrace and learn in changing post pandemic as well as during the crisis. We need to pay attention to that, as well as where people are affected by this to know the imbalances that need to be fixed in public policy. Here in Australia it is things like insecure work spreading the pandemic. Wage and income inequality worsening in Australia as well as the housing crisis across the western world. There are so many more examples you see if you look. Be it the divide between the west and underdeveloped nations to our own divides in the west between wealth and poverty, these were the lessons that needed to be addressed, but are not as we try to go to business as usual, not seeing the need for change encoded in the suffering and restrictions. In doing this we keep perpetuating it, which is what we need to stop. If we don't, well, there's more of this to come that has not come to manifest yet, but will. You do not want to see those. Please, please heed this rather serious shot across the bows. If we don't change as a global collective, the imbalances as well as the resulting healing crises will be much worse.

Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Shkall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense