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The Material Portal of The Feyan Energetic Wisdom Weal

This logo, representing the four elements, Water, Earth, Fire and Air in a circle, is symbolic of the Wheel of the Seasons. This is the representation of the four elemental energies made manifest in reality. This is the  basis behind the ethos of the two sites that are partnerd in this total wisdom cycle, The Spiritual Weal and The Public Weal.

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This site is still being worked on, but has content and information that can be used in the meantime. The basic structure is now in place, but the content is being added and worked on, so this site map will help you navigate this site as look through it.

Home - This home landing Page
  • Site Ethos and Mission Statement
  • Current State of Affairs - Look here for commentary about current world events through the lens of the Spiritual Laws
  • Our Earth Today - Look here for information and commentary about our earth, Gaia's Body.
  • Meet the Editor - Look here to introduce yourself to the editor.
Philosophy and Religion
  • Thinkers Corner - Look here for insights on the structural underpinnings of our society and how it thinks.
  • Theology Corner - Look here for analysis and insights into the material facets of all religions.
  • Philosophy and Theology - Look here for Book reviews and recommendations for philosophy and Theology Books
  • Self Development - Look Here for book reviews and recommendations on self development books
  • Change and Community - Looks here for book reviews and recommendations on books that give Ideas on change and the broader community.
  • Home - Look here for Ideas at home to live a full path into the the material world.
  • Food - Look here for back to basics home made food that will lower your impact on the earth
  • Community and Sustainable Living - Look here for ideas on how sustainablity can be bought into the community and greater whole of humanity.
Product and Service Directory
  • Discussion Groups - Look here for online and face to face discussion groups about website topics.
  • Courses - Look here for courses that further the site ethos through education.
  • Products - Look for the website editors hand made products here
  • Partner Products - The portal to buy products made by partners that further The Feyan Energetic Wisdom Weals values and ethos.
  • Services - Look here for Services that further the website and company ethos.
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