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Sunday 26th December 2021

Well, another restart to this blog. It seems to be the one that I have to restart the most. The themes coming into today have been about paying attention to the world around you. By this I mean the natural world, which is changing as we damage the whole ecosphere more and more. In this skewed debate it is more and more the leaders of 'Developed' countries, dependant on their political survival for those that profit from dirty industries, that are out of step. In the terms of the book Changelology, there are many especially right wing leaders that are 'Laggards' in adapting to climate change. In Australia for instance even when farmers are leading the calls to deal with climate change because they are seeing the effect on their land the National Party still supports coal mining. This is just one example of how out of touch the leadership is due to their own self interest.

This is despite a groundswell of support for climate change measures as we go along even among traditionally conservative groups. This is because those on the land, those that see shellfish not breeding because there is no winter, the increasing effects of bushfires and floods. Those on the ground have the awareness which has not translated into the leadership due to valuing political survival over the right thing. If we don't get aware, solid statesmanship winning over politics soon then we could have a major crisis on our hands more than we already do.

This is not unique to us. The first recorded time this happened was in ancient Mesopotamia where irrigation led to salinity and destroyed entire city states, and much of the desert in the middle east was fertile land until the Romans farmed it intensively as a bread basket. This, however, makes it worse that we have not learnt. If we don't we will destroy ourselves quite comprehensively.