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Tuesday 3rd August 2021

Yesterday was an interesting day for my correspondent. It was heavily infused with interacting with spirit for different reasons. Some was to do with a series of meditations coming up to the 8/8 Lions Gate, on a new moon, changing the world. The rest of it was to do with interactions with household spirits who were very determined to get their way. Not malicious, but like humans they sometimes do what they think is right and cause untold chaos in their wake.

Gaia today was very keen to point out that at this time many malicious spirits caused by human actions are active. Make no mistake, malicious and dark spirits can make a great difference even in the manifest world. This is not just ghost stories, I have seen it so many times. At a human level this is parasitic thought forms and ghosts who affect incarnate humans at an individual level. At a greater level these are the spirits that manifest as diseases, the root of civil wars, of strife and dissent. Even, yes, conspiracy movements when they find the right host. I wouldn't mind betting that movements like Q Anon came from some dark places of collective spirit in America, fueled by the sheer depth of suffering across that country last year.

At the moment, these spirits are more active because they're being flushed out, being bought out into the open either through thinking it's their time reading the prevailing energy. Or being flushed out of hiding by the light being bought into the planet and fighting like cornered rats. Either way, they are going to me more destructive in current months. Focus on the light, focus on the good. If you have to, turn the news off, switch off and do something that makes you feel good at a physical level as well as at the energetic level. Allow in the light of joy as the antidote to all of this and shortcut the cycle of darkness that is becoming exposed. Only through this will we strengthen the growing light we have now.

Monday 2nd August 2021

Well, todays Gaia Journal was about astrology. As the Gaia Journal is basically channelled well, that shows that it is important to pay attention to at this current moment. I'm not talking about the daily column in your newspaper though, or even your general weekly column in your fictional gossip magazine. I am talking about the deeper, esoteric astrology that provides deeper information on the energies that are around to manifest. This is important because it shows the current energetic trends and systems that are manifesting around us so we can cope with them better. This deeper astrological reading can come through looking for trained and reputable sources.

If you are lucky and can afford to go to a professional astrologer, then you are lucky and should do so. If you cannot then a good first step is to look at a reputable site to get your chart done. After that, the next step is to find information online. There are many good reputable sources of information offered by professional astrologers online if you are discerning. My two main sources are Molly McCord and Pam Gregory, who look at the esoteric aspects in depth as well as offer basic videos. There are also more basic videos available on Youtube if you look, including basic chart tutorials that take you through step by step to understand your own chart.

If you are interested then look at what you can find in terms of good sources that sit with how you relate to energy. Always look for sources that are well established, have astrology degrees or equivalent and sit with how you see energy. I like the esoteric astrology, so the work of the two above is a good fit for me. I also have astrology knowledge to understand what they're talking about so that helps. Once you have found some basic knowledge to work with you can branch out like I did. Other good sources are basic astrology books from reputable publishers to begin with and sites like Astro King, which are run on good principles. I do, however, recommend that you look at reputable sources as there are some interesting ones out there. I will have more on this as well in Astrology Corner and Divination Corner on this companion site The Spiritual Weal, including more detailed recommendations.

1st August 2021

Well, first off, a happy birthday to all the horses out there. This week coming is a preparation week for next Sundays Lions Gate – 8/8, which seems to be timed with some rather unfortunate events around the world in relation to Covid 19. This is because, as Pam Gregory noted and I agree, this current year we're still in a demolition site. In order for the new to come, the old must make way. Just like in a renovation or new building in the material world, the old structure must either be stripped to bare bones, or make way for the new. As the new energy starts to come in this is being accelerated in a way, the clearing of group karma and the clearing of old structures.

This is not to say that it is going to be pleasant, nor is it going to be a utopia on the 9th August. It is a portal for the new energy to come through for each of us to try and express. Like anything this could be for good or it could be for the worse in how we treat it, how we process and use it. If we hold onto the old it will rebound. If we work to bring in the new, make the plans for the new building, start to work on the new positive energy it will be for the better. At the end of the day, there are major structures of the world to be altered and bought down before the 'New World' of the fifth dimension comes through. There will still be crises and pain. There will be inconvenience. This is not a negative thing as such, this is just an essential process. If you focus on this process and not the new, you will not see the benefits.

However, by focussing on the new, you can bring more and more things in that are good, laying the plans and perhaps some personal foundations for the change in your life. In doing this, well, you can move ahead even in this time of chaos.

31st July 2021

As we come into today, well, we're heading towards another month. Another month that for many people may come with fear, with problems, with a holding pattern. This is the demolition site part of the whole thing of change, the old being demolished despite it's stubborn resistance.

These times are frustrating, these times don't feel good. In my case there's another month in lockdown stalling my progress, treading water at a low level when I would rather get ahead. I feel a sense of urgency to well, do one thing a day that improves my life permanently. Not always possible at the moment in the holding pattern we're all in.

There is, however, hope coming in. Hope and changes coming even as the old is demolished. Even with the process of demolition we find things, gems of knowledge, both personally and over the planet. There are lessons in the current crisis – The way the Hail storm of Covid is demolishing things and what we need to get through. Pay attention to these as they combine with the green shoots, the things coming through, and plan in this hiatus. For there will be renewal and regeneration coming, which we can prepare for though things are still at the moment.

30th July 2021

Well, today, was basically just another normal day in lockdown. Finding the little pleasures in life, visiting trees going for an exercise walk, being outside. It is interesting to note that others were doing this as well, valuing being out in nature as an outing in itself. This is a good thing to see.

Here relatively leafy suburbia, we're well, blessed with such places. Simple things like a gorgeous old tree down the end of the street you can see the canopy of, Or Blackwall mountain in the distance. You can also see the signs of nature in neighbouring yards as well as your own. At a time like this, they really are a blessing.

As is having the foreshore close, within walking distance. This is a really good thing to have. Unfortunately, other parts of the city are not so lucky as to have nature on their doorstep. In high rises this is not the case, as it is in many other dense places. Here, well, taking steps like having an indoor plant and cherishing the view as well as whatever jokingly called fresh air is there may be the way to go, as well as maybe having a plant on your balcony. All of this is time and space that what small connection to nature is something we can all have as both a degree of sanity and a way of taking advantage of changes that are manifesting.

29th July 2021

As we look around today, all of us, well, we're in a worsening crisis at the moment, around the world. However, even in that there are moments of stillness. A moment of stillness for me at the moment is to go to the park and visiting my trees. This is an act of exercise as well as a meditative connection with nature. I have also been spending as much time as possible out in the backyard of the house I share, doing a lot of things like fires in the firepit that is in the outdoor lounge room. As well as, well household only twilight drinks in the outdoor bar (The backyard) among other things. These moments of stillness in the crisis, looking at our own backyard, or our neighbourhoods, literally and figuratively, is something we can all do.

What they do is they ground us down to the eternal, the planet. They ground us down to what is solid about the ethereal plane as well as us to the prime material. They work to create a better life for us even in a crisis. If we are more closely connected to the earth, we can work better with her energies. If we can do that, we can manifest better with the times and places we find ourselves in. We can also create greater connections by doing simple little things like leaving milk out for the fey, perhaps a little wine when we have some etc... Making offerings to nature is a good way of bringing in the beneficial spirits in our area – even if it is only the spirit of your house plant and any other fey in it. The earth is our home, if we don't have it, we will not be blessed. Time to take care if both her and her helping nature spirits.

28th July 2021

At the moment, the world is shut down for me in Sydney. The normal world that the Western World has created anyway, instead showing us a different one where we are at home, battened down against the current crisis. It can be frustrating. It is a time of slow downs, of loss, of frustration. Of well, compromises being made. A lot of people are suffering.

Not the least of which is how in this world the ones who are suffering from the actions of others are not being made full provision for in so many ways. As the world gets meaner, the assistance for those who are caught in it gets less. As short term crises become more and more chronic, ongoing crisies for those at the bottom of even Western Society, the help that is offered does not recognise this and is about help for the 'Short term Crisis' that is becoming increasingly rare among the growing chronic disadvantage. Or more severe at the very least as a result of the growing chronic disadvantage that is growing at an increasing rate.

Even well meaning people judge on this. Even those who have been through it will not understand this at times. This lack of empathy, this lack of understanding is the major problem. As we go through life, well, we're becoming harder here in the Western world as we believe our own propaganda that the dysfunction at the bottom is not delibrate and systemic, but the individuals faults. We need to wake up to this or our society is at risk of collapse. A major risk of collapse as the pyramid rests on shakier foundations.

27th July 2021

As we go about our days we can miss the things around us in nature. Things such as glorious trees or flowering shrubs on our path, the birds around us. It can add to our quality of life no matter where we are or how bad we feel at the time. This could be as simple as stopping to admire a glorious flowering shrub or tree along our path when walking to the shops, instead of just jogging stopping to admire the view. Or just to say hi to your neighborhood trees on the way through from A to B.

I also add things like when I hear or see a crow or raven around me, I stop to say hello to it and ask it what messages or blessings it has for me today, same as any bird that stops in close. I also as often as I can deliberate go and say hello to my trees, wherever they would be. This is something I do because I am a practising pagan. You don't have to be to appreciate nature though. In the past poets have found natures spiritual beauty as much as nature worshipers, as well as painters, architects and sculptors. Being able to find beauty in nature is EEO.

As we lose this ability to see the beauty and peace, therefore value of nature, we lose the ability to value our life support system. When we do that, well, we risk the existence of our future generations. We risk the survival of our descendants, something which no amount of flying to the stars or technology will fix. Those seven generations after us, which we will be the ancestors for, will be the ones that suffer for our mistakes now. Why don't we think of them and start to actually, well, give them a chance by taking care of the earth now?

26th July 2021

As I look back on yesterday, I think of perspective lessons. This came in the form of ordering in one hit my ritual supplies online, basically for the month thanks to lock downs. Eighty dollars later...

Well, you get the point. It looks like a lot of money. They I thought about it, and realised that's about how much I would spend in smaller trips, over time buying a packet or two of inscence here and there wherever I could get it, candles each week for Sundays as well as full and new moons, those little tealights in their packs etc... I got cheaper candles and spent about as much. As for the incense, including postage I paid about as much face to face. This shows how our perspectives are changed when we see things at once rather than incrementally.

This goes with how we as humans have changed our environment over Aeons. Europe and especially England is a vastly changed place. No wolves sacred to the Celts in Europe, or Aurochs sacred to many such as the Anglo Saxons for instance. They were wiped out before the modern era. The US and Australia as continents have their changes as more visible, because they are being catalogued in our lifetime. Likewise the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia and the Amazon is now being catalogued by us in real-time. So we see them, but don't think of the changes that have already happened. Which are many and numerous.

So, next time you think of a landscape, think of all the human impacts. Not just the ones we have now in the modern industrial and post industrial era, but all of them as they have accumulated since the middle ages. How much we have changed the earth. Then think of why we need to change our ways. You will see the urgency for change from a brand new perspective.

25th July 2021

As we look around our landscape, if we're lucky, we see nature. Be that remnant or preserved, planned or not, we see it. From the weed growing out of the footpath crack to the manicured garden. From the overgrown area to the natural wild space. From our backyards to the great outdoors. Even as apartment dwellers there is a fair chance that you have plants either outside or inside your dwelling somewhere to tend and love.

We can all find a connection with nature, be it a park, or a potted plant, or the view of trees outside our windows. Not only is that a good way of working with nature as we look around our own spaces, but it helps a bit of nature survive if we value it. This is very, very important. If we don't value it, we're not aware of it's destruction. If we're not aware, we're not moved by it and do something about it. This is why it is important to connect to nature in whatever small way you can a little bit every day, even if it is the view of a tree from your home or a plant on your balcony or windowsill.

Every so often, walk to another space where there is trees, perhaps a tree at the side of the road or at a park, and connect with it, stand with it for a while, feel it's bark. Feel it alive and as a living being and thank it for the time as well as the good it does for you every day. Because if we don't value it, it will disappear for good – Which is to our great detriment.