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This is is the page for a Weekly blog on the state of our earth manifest today. Look here for a daily post on the state of the Manifest Earth, the body of Gaia.

Energetic Imbalances and how they Manifest.

As any of you who have any skill or experience in energetic work, manifestation or magick work, whatever energy you create manifests, one way or another. It is no different with the energy that our society constantly puts out constantly, mostly negative energy. Like the energy you create knowingly, the energy society puts out without knowing it is manifesting in the world, creating an even greater imbalance than the physical damage to the world that humanity, especially in the western world is responsible for.

This may seem a little esoteric for a page that talks about the practical parts of following a path, but think of this. Day by day humanity put s out a lot of negative energy. Some is deliberate. Wars, ethic cleansing, the blatant nationalism and hatred that's deliberately perpetrated is affecting the global energy field, red spots in the blue when in contact with humanity's heart. In the main energy field it shows as dark spots. What is an even worse problem, though, due to it's widespread nature, is the unconscious energy the mass of humanity puts out. The constant hit parade of the tragedy of the day/week/month on the nightly news. The unconscious negative biases we all carry. The constant trolling, abuse and negativity on social media. While none of us are perfect about this (I am guilty of giving it about Trump and Morrison in a polite a way as possible) there are many that specialise on this on the internet, and yet others who just do it out of unconscious bias. Add the negative energy from talk back radio, casual racism etc... It stacks up. All of this, deliberate and not so deliberate creates negative energy, a big mass of it. You can see it in black in the energy fields of the planet, you can see it as a glowing, angry red area of energy on the soul and heart of the energy, you can feel dead zones in the earth's energy field because of it. Okay, you say, so what? And what does this have to do with our physical climate? Thought this page was about the physical climate?

Well, quite simply, that's where it manifests. All energy has to go somewhere, and as climate is just energy in it's own way, that's where it goes. Adding to the already excess of physical energy in the climate system, it manifests in the climate system as pure energy. This adds to the already badly disrupted climate system and creates more extreme weather events. Floods, droughts, cyclones, bush fire danger weather, especially if you have negative energy areas near you. When you consider that there is already evidence the jet stream is breaking up, that we have record glacier melts and other evidence of really bad disruption this is something that for our own survival as a species we need to take it into account. So, what to do about it, you ask, as an aware follower of a path?

Well, dear reader, you can't do it all. There is an unaware mass of humanity out there that's adding to this negative energy stream, often not even deliberately. The daily news is enough to get a mass lot of it out there every evening at the moment. But there is two things you can do. Control your own negativity is your first one. Cleanse your energy field, react consciously to the news and current affairs. Separate yourself from the negative politics, xenophobia and dog whistling that currently goes around. You can also work on your own to bring a little more balancing positive energy into the earth's energy system, in your own way, or through group meditations and activations. These steps may sound esoteric, but the more positive, supporting energy is out there the more the incoming, constant negativity is neutralised. You can also help by healing some of the physical damage and trauma to the planet and people by giving out positive energy in the form of assistance to people and place. Plant trees, give water to distressed animals, be there for people who need you, family, friend, acquaintance or stranger. Be the change the world needs at this moment, and as more follow the energy balances will improve, thus so will material conditions in terms of climate. Things will change, things will get better as the world's energy shifts towards the future. But right now, the best thing you can do is be aware of your own energy, and contribute to positive energy as well as take individual choices in the material the help the environment, both physically and energetically.

Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Shkall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense