The Public Weal

The Material Portal of The Feyan Energetic Wisdom Weal

This logo, representing the four elements, Water, Earth, Fire and Air in a circle, is symbolic of the Wheel of the Seasons. This is the representation of the four elemental energies made manifest in reality. This is the  basis behind the ethos of the two sites that are partnerd in this total wisdom cycle, The Spiritual Weal and The Public Weal.

The Feyan Energetic Wisdom Weals Partner Site Mission, Ethos and guiding Principles

The Feyan Energertic Wisdom Weals Parter sites are a central hub committed to providing quality information, products and services to clients and the curious alike to help them advance their spiritual wellbeing and spiritual goals. This is done through an ethos of providing services and information that combine the best of counseling/coaching and over ten years of experience in ritual and energy work within a holistic framework of the the bodymind as a whole., this enabling living a total spiritual path.

This mission is supported by three key areas. The first is in offering courses, personal tuition, spiritual coaching and psychic protection work at a sliding scale of cost. The second is offering information for all through the partner sites. The third is offering products supporting the services and information on the site. Through this It aims to support the growth of a whole spiritual path.

This site you are on is a part of the Partner sites the Spiritual Weal and The Public Weal. The Spiritual Weal is about the practical and spiritual aspects of a life path and the Pubic Weal is about how it applies to public affairs. These two sites work together to create a holistic view of life, paths and how we lead them in all aspects of life. So look at both sites and think as you do about what this means for you. Don't forget our partner site extending this Ethos into Spiritual Life, The Spiritual Weal

Site Map

This site is still being worked on, but has content and information that can be used in the meantime. The basic strucuture is now in place, but the content is being added and worked on, so this site map will help you navigate this site as look through it.

Home - This home landing Page
  • About the Editor - Introducing the editor of the Feyan Energetic Wisdom Weal Partner Websites
  • Current Courses, Products and Services - This is the page to be looking at where you can find information on current courses, products and services.
  • Books of Note - Look here for discussions on topical issues based on books published in the areas.
  • Environment and Climate - This is where topics related to our balance with our material home are discussed.
  • Public Affairs - This is where topics related to our interactions with others on a broader public scale are discussed.
  • Contact the Editor - Look at this page to see contact details as well an E- letters to the editor form.
Philosophy and Religion
  • Thinkers Corner - Look here for insights on the structural underpinnings of our society and how it thinks.
  • Theology Corner - Look here for analysis and insights into the material facets of all religions.
  • Healthy, Ethical Lifestyle - A page detailing ways of living a healthy, ethical material life.
  • Healthy Ethical Food - While there are some recipies here no dietican would ever recommend, a place for homemade, 'Healthy' food that we can all make in our own kitchens rather than buying pre-made.
  • Home Projects - A page to be put up as content comes up, a page aimed at showing you what you can make or remodel around your own home and in your own wardrobe instead of throwing out and buying.
  • Community Projects - A page, as yet in the planning, to be put up in the next few weeks as content allows, discussing and inspiring projects you can do in your broader community as well as aspects of running and starting community projects.
  • Website Books - A portal you can buy and look at the website authors and editors own writing.
  • Partner Books - A site you can look at books written by other authors that further The Feyan Energetic Wisdom Weals ethos in the material  world.
Other Products
  • Website Products - The portal to buy products for the material world directly linked to The Feyan Energetic Wisdom Weal online.
  • Partner Products - The portal to buy products made by partners that further The Feyan Energetic Wisdom Weals values and ethos.
I hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to hearing your respectful comments in E-Letters to the editor. Only Letters that are marked not to be published will be published.