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Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'skhall Kre'Mahen Akh'Hense is a an Feyan otherkin soul, Order of the Dragon Grand Master, energetic adept and Grand Master of a metaphysical old warrior. For more information on who I am now and my journey see about the editor. I can either be contacted through the online E-letters to the editor form below, or through the contact details below;

Business Email - monique.toth@bigpond.com
Client/Confidential Email - kyshera.duskhall@protonmail.com
Phone number - (61) 447 520 908

Partner Site Editorial Policy

Here at the Partner sites of The Feyan Energetic Wisdom Wealwe are promoting a good, ethical total life path. And part of that is respecting others paths as you would expect them to respect yours. As a part of this we do not have unlimited free speech at this site, we have limits that reflect respect for paths in general as well as each individuals paths.

The basic guidelines are that no abuse or sacrilegious disrespect will be tolerated, nor will personal attacks on individuals paths. You may question a persons behaviour as you would an invalid path, but not who they are. This is a basic part of the whole ethos of the site, respect for others paths. As a result there will be these editorial guidelines;

  • Personal Insults and attacks will not be tolerated.
  • Attacks on religions or religious paths will not be tolerated
  • Acts or insults considered sacrilegious to paths will not be tolerated
  • Disrespect of an individual through anything but their behaviour will not be tolerated.

Anything that does not follow this will not only not be published but will be immediately deleted on reading and nothing from your email address will be recored with nothing from your E-mail address noted. Nothing more will be read from your email address. The whole idea of having E-letters to the Editor is to prevent the abuses and forms of misbehaviour, and for this reason this screening and editorial policy will be absolute. This is a site to promote a whole, holistic path and this is there to support this ethos, not discrimination. As stated above this is a choice to curb free speech and keep the ethos, not aggressive censorship.

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